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The backend of Simporter

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Simporter is powered by AI, and there are 4 layers of artificial intelligence involved in Simporter technology:

Natural Language Processing
Recognizes writing in human languages and translates it into data that computers can process and quantify. Simporter applies the technology to structure textual data (i.e. social media, customer reviews, qualitative feedback) into quantitative data.
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Neural Networks
Detect underlying relationships in data sets and analyze them, mimicking the human brain. Simporter uses Neural Networks to discover variable weights and isolate relevant data from noise, and to find correlations between all data sources. Neural Networks are trained with historical sales data.
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Predictive modeling
Uses data mining and probability to forecast outcomes. A multitude of algorithms is employed to create highly accurate long-term predictions.
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Machine Learning
Automates analytical model building. Every time a prediction is made and verified with actual sales data, the system becomes smarter and more accurate.
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Hyper-analogical sales correlations
With AI, we can collect more data to predict outcomes with increased accuracy. Instead of looking at 2-3 similar products, we look at 30-40 and categorize them based on product attributes, like color, flavor, size, price, and many more. Then, Simporter identifies weights of each attribute, using AI Neural Networks, Predictive Modeling, and Machine Learning to quantify data and present it as a comprehensive report.
Simporter predictions have proven to reach up to 93% accuracy. Verified with actual sales data from when our predictions are made, Simporter has a track record of forecasts that become a reality.

Using Simporter

Simporter is incredibly easy to use. All the interaction with the service occurs via the visual interface, and doesn't require special knowledge or skills.

Log in any place, any time
The service is cloud-based, so you're not tied to your computer. Just log in whenever you need and start working with data.
Integrate your data in under 3 minutes
Use the 10-question questionnaire to guide you through the process of data upload. Follow the instructions and add information like the date of the product launch or product images, then let the service do the work.
Get immediate results
You don't have to wait for months to get your forecasts. With Simporter, your data is at fingertip access, readily available in the service interface.
Navigate advanced analytics in the intuitive interface
Move between the tabs to view reports on competition or attribution. The data is conveniently structured to let you interpret it with ease.
Have your data secured in Microsoft Cloud
With Simporter, your data is protected by Microsoft's most secure databases.

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