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Now you can get all the tools you need to launch the products that your customers are looking for, improve your marketing messages, and deliver best-in-class customer experience. All easily provided with Simporter’s web-app.

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Don’t just be a first mover — be the first mover.
To win market share you need to be the trendsetter. Simporter lets you innovate with data, discovering new ways to beat the competition. Our algorithms aggregate tiny signals, both online and offline, to predict consumer trends in new ways
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Fast, easy, and no training required.
Don’t waste time on services that need complex integration or special set-up. With a simple, intuitive interface, Simporter is incredibly easy to use. Every team member can upload data and view reports, no need to ask your IT department for help.
Launch the products your customers are looking for
You don’t need to guess anymore. We analyze millions of data points to let your team launch the products your customers will actively look for. Once you’re using Simporter, you can simply tell us any new product concepts under consideration, and our customer success managers will show you exactly how they fit the latest consumer trends and customer needs.
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No more failures
More than 90% of new product launches fail. Consumer demand evolves too rapidly for traditional market research approaches to be productive. Simporter’s application let’s you get an early-read when a product is likely to fail — up to 22 months prior — so you can confidently invest your resources and avoid launching products that fail.
Tailor messages to driva launch sales
With the messaging tool, our models predict which marketing messages will resonate the most with your customer base to drive purchase behavior. Our AI analyzes the competitor landscape to identify the gaps in your product’s niche that customers are actively searching for.
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Prevent stock-outs or overstocks
Historical data doesn’t tell you enough. We create Neural Networks that find predictive correlations between historical data and present signals. As a result, our sales predictions let supply-chain departments double their accuracy, preventing stock-outs and overstocks.

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