Automatically gather, analyze, and react to consumer feedback

Monitor the customer journey at the SKU level and benchmark your performance against competition.

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How The AI Product Monitor Works

Improve your customer journey, identify new channels, and track your competition


All your monitoring tools in one place

Instead of depending on multiple tools to tell you about the customer journey, Simporter gathers and analyzes search traffic, social media mentions, and customer reviews to tell you what your customers are saying about you and your competition.


Identify Your Product Strengths and Weaknesses

Easily analyze real-time consumer feedback to understand what the major pluses and minuses are of your products, in their eyes. Unlike focus groups, you can tap into millions of consumers and contextualize your performance to your competition.


Scalable Globally

With proprietary multilingual natural language processing, you can use Simporter's software in over 35 markets on any continent. The models adapt to syntax patterns in local languages and provide you witih easy-to-use data around your customer journey.

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