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2022 Functional Beverage Trends: Leading Benefits of Functional Beverages

2022 Functional Beverage Trends: Leading Benefits of Functional Beverages

Part 3 of the Functional Beverage mini-series.

Functional beverages, AKA drinks that promote health benefits, are seriously buzzing. The category is among the top quickest growing areas in the beverage aisle. Functional beverage benefits falls into a broad category ranging from skincare, meal replacement, and wellness to acting as immunity and energy boosters.

Functional beverage benefits for skincare and wellness are among the top health benefits that consumers are looking for. In the past year alone, consumer interest around skincare and wellness focused drinks grew by a massive 315 percent and 111 percent, respectively.

Today, skincare brands are introducing new product ranges in the category. Cocokind, an organic skin-care brand, launched a range of "beauty bevs" with plant-based ingredients to satisfy your specific skin type (i.e. dry, oily, acne-prone, and more). Their products comprise of vegan latte mix with superfoods to promote skin radiance as well as detox tonics with chlorophyll to serve as a cleanser.

Similarly to Cocokind, Bloom Beauty Essence offers skincare beverages that contain collagen. Their drink claims to increase skin moisture, reduce wrinkles, and make your skin more firm. Similarly, Flow is a collagen infused water that supports skin, hair, and nail health as it takes the market by storm with large consumer interest.

In terms of the big players, Vega, a subsidiary of multinational food product giant Danone, recently launched "Hello Wellness," which contains DHA to support brain health, as well as vitamin C to improve wellness.

For more information about the benefits of functional beverages or opportunities within the wellness industry, you can request a demo on our homepage. If you want to view our May 2021 webinar’s discussion on functional beverages, you can view the video here.

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