Simporter vs Social Listening

Simporter is a social listening alternative that speeds up your ideation stage and increases confidence around new product research, so you can invest in the products your consumers are actively searching for - not just tweeting about.

Why Simporter

Social Listening tools are inaccurate for innovation decisions. They are not predictive, identify what looks good on “Instagram,” and require manual analysis.
Identify New Questions
Surveys answer pre-existing questions that you probably already know the answer to. Simporter brings up new questions to help you decide on your next product’s DNA.
99% of social media trends do not predict consumer purchasing intent. Multi-sourcing spots the meaningful 1% by finding patterns across search, social, sales, and reviews.


Less Actionable - Only Social Media

Focus on Volume of Posts

User Pre-Defines Keywords

Complex & Hard to Use

Noise Hides Signals You Need to See

Fake Posts Included in Your Data

About Consumer Posts

One-Time Research

Social + Search + Reviews + POS

Focuses on Consumer Insights

AI Organically Defines Attributes

Easy to Use

Isolates Signals from Noise

Excludes Fake Posts With AI

About Demand & Competition

Regularly Updated Research

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