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Find your next best seller. Simporter helps you understand unmet consumer needs and the attributes that they are actively searching for but cannot find.

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How it Works?

Simporter automates the ideation stage of your new product research.


Identify white space opportunities for your next product

Whether a line extension or new category, Simporter empowers you to measure both demand and competition, so you can be the first-mover in your category.


Know when a trend is just baked enough to invest in

The hardest part of trend tools is knowing when is the right time. With Simporter, you can analyze the lifecycle stage of an attribute and learn its just right to innovate with an ingredient, benefit, or specific message.


Always on software

Today, trends accelerate from 0-60 in just 6 weeks. With 24/7 real-time software, you can catch new product opportunities before its too late, cementing you as a first-mover.


Dive into specific need states

Simporter goes one layer deeper than trends, telling you the consumer need states that you should focus your next concept’s messaging on—and when those need states will peak.


Actionable and accurate

Instead of checking separate tools to analyze your market, Simporter tells you what exact attributes to invest in as you enter the concept creation stage. Say goodbye to vague analytics.

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