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Simporter is the only SaaS platform that makes sales predictions by cross-analyzing sales data, social media, and customer reviews.
If you’re a brand manufacturer or retailer, we understand the pressure you’re under.
It’s tough to launch new products, most of them fail, and that puts your market share at risk. With Simporter, you don’t need to rely on guesswork anymore. Our platform lets you make better decisions about which products to develop, and how to market them to be sure to hit your numbers. You get comprehensive, easily accessible demand predictions that benefit the entire team: category managers, consumer insights teams, marketers, purchasing departments, sales leaders, and supply chain management.

To collect data and turn it into streamlined, actionable recommendations, Simporter employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing.

We’re located in Atlanta, GA, Sunnyvale, CA, Warsaw, Poland, and Kyiv, Ukraine.
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To collect data and turn it into streamlined, actionable reports, Simporter employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Neural Networks.

Our headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia — where we leverage the ecosystem's talent pool for delivering first class customer experience.
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We run our data science and technical team out of Kyiv, Ukraine — a city with world-class IT talent and algorithmic expertise.

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