Simporter vs Surveys

Simporter is an agency research alternative that speeds up your ideation stage and increases transparency around new product research, so you can invest in the products your consumers are actively searching for.

Why Simporter

Surveys have a low accuracy for making innovation decisions. They are not predictive, include professional test-takers, respondent biases, and small sample sizes.
Identify New Questions
Surveys answer pre-existing questions that you probably already know the answer to. Simporter brings up new questions to help you decide on your next product’s DNA.
Unlike surveys, Simporter updates its data frequently. So your data won’t be obsolete after a few months in today’s fast-paced market.


Respondent Bias

Limited Amount of Studies

Snapshot Data/No Predictive View

“Professional” Test Takers

Small Sample Sizes (Hundreds)

Answers Pre-Existing Questions

Pay Per Respondent or Response

Becomes Obsolete Over Time

Actual Behavior

Unlimited Amounts of Studies

Predictive Machine Learning

Actual Consumers

Massive Sample Sizes (Millions)

Uncovers New Questions & Answers

Pay Per Category

Continuously Refreshes Data

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