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Quickest Growing Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Snacks

Quickest Growing Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Snacks

The plant-based protein snack market is growing at a rapid pace. One of the main reasons for this growth is that today's consumers are becoming more aware of how much better their health will be by eating plant-based proteins. Consumers want to feel good about both themselves and the world around them, so they're going out of their way to find products like these.

Consumers are increasingly opting for plant-based foods. What's driving this trend? It appears that the top five reasons they choose to eat a vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian diet include higher consciousness toward:

  1. General health benefits
  2. They feel good when eating a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle
  3. To lose weight.
  4. Environmental impact

Younger people tend to focus on environmental impact whereas older consumers typically care about their own personal health instead.

Plant-based foods are becoming more and more popular due to their perceived health benefits. With the other categories gaining importance, it's no wonder why they're quickly replacing animal products in grocery stores everywhere!

In recent years plant-based protein snacks have also become increasingly popular for their perceivably positive effects on one's wellbeing. Paired with increased interest from consumers of these goods, this trend is only likely to continue as time goes by - data analyzed by Simporter's AI software only further strengthens these claims.

It's Like Jumping Jacks for Your Brain

Food and beverage launches with vegan claims have increased by 21%.

Brands labeling their snack products with key benefits including cognitive health, vitamins, or as keto-friendly should see a high opportunity for growth in the sector.

Cognitive health is one of the key growing benefits looked for by consumers with a very high opportunity score for growth. The mentions come in at 0.35% however the mentions growth is a very promising 36%. Meaning it is quickly growing as a purchase driver to this consumer.

Another factor that is becoming more prevalent is that the consumer is actively looking for added vitamins in their daily diet and plant-based protein snacks which have this benefit will likely see good growth in response to sating this need in a convenient fashion.

The popularity of foods that are more mindful about ingredients continues to grow among consumers' demands for plant-based diets. The new trend has been heavily backed up by celebrities which is giving the movement a momentum that is unlikely to abate any time 

High-quality ingredients tend to be less of a driver for today's consumer which is surprising given the other factors with high mentions and opportunity scores.

Being able to access and analyze large volumes of data with increasingly intelligent and accurate AI software will go a long way to helping brands either rebrand their existing snack line or enter the snack line with a successful new snack.

For more information about the leading forms of plant-based protein foods or opportunities inside cereals, you can request a demo on our homepage. If you want to view our May 2021 webinar’s discussion on keto-friendly snacks, you can view the video here.

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