2022 Luxury Cosmetics Rising Themes

2022 Luxury Cosmetics Rising Themes

The pandemic gave consumers a lot of free time to rethink their spending habits. They’re increasingly aware of what’s in (and not in) their day-to-day beauty products and care much more about making the right choices spending their hard-earned money. Your brand might have beautiful packaging and killer marketing, but when shoppers pick it up and turn it around, will they like what they see?

Using our White Space AI tool, the team here at Simporter analyzed 38 themes to predict which will have the greatest growth potential, specifically within the Luxury Cosmetics industry, in 2022. Our software analyzes social media mentions, consumer sentiment patterns, and search traffic to make highly accurate trend predictions. 

So, what themes will impact the industry in 2022?

The graphic below breaks down the 5 themes we believe possess the highest potential for growth in 2022. Theme opportunity scores are determined by looking at both share of voice (a leading indicator of market share), as well as year-over-year growth rate.

Let’s dig in. 


cosmetics themes - talc-free

Talc-free takes the number one spot with an impressive 752.17 percent growth potential. This theme’s small 0.18 percent share of voice won’t get in the way of its predicted 2022 performance. 

When something is labeled as Talc-Free, it means the product doesn’t contain Talcum Powder, a common ingredient found in cosmetics like powder compacts, finishing powders, eye shadows, and powder compact like this one from Charlotte Tilbury. Many brands have used Talcum Powder because it creates a soft, silky texture, reduces inflammation, and combats UV damage. If you read a product’s ingredient list, it’s often the first one noted. 

However, Talcum Powder sometimes contains asbestos, which has been linked to causing cancer, respiratory problems, pneumonia, and more. Considering the worldwide serious focus on health over the last 18 months, consumers will not only be looking for products without this ingredient, but they will be looking for products that specifically claim to be Talc-free, like this bareMinerals setting powder

Big-box retailers can get ahead of the Talc-Free movement by explicitly noting which of their products are made without harmful ingredients. For example, Ulta’s Made Without List will help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. Other brands should take note and follow suit. 


cosmetics themes - instagram

Instagram is near the top of this list as social media ingrains itself in the everyday life of consumers. The majority of skincare and cosmetics influencers, like Jeffree Star and Nikkie de Jager, promote and educate via Instagram. With over 10 million followers apiece, Instagram and its algorithm will continue to give beauty influencers the power to sway millions of loyal followers and their day-to-day beauty routines and spending habits. 

With incredibly loyal audiences, Instagram influencers hold the power to make or break brands overnight. On the one hand, they can easily help products go viral. On the other hand, they’re able to cancel products overnight, mobilizing millions to take action at the touch of a finger. 

Instagram, and its parade of influencers, will only continue to grow in 2022 with established audiences and loyal followers. Plus, it’s only fair to assume with the rise of TikTok, Instagram will be forced to compete harder for consumer attention. 


cosmetics themes - vegan

As consumer preferences continue to shift toward clean and natural, Vegan products will gain a lot of traction in 2022. With a 2.26 percent market share, Vegan drowns out other themes on this list. Our team predicts the theme will experience a 35.5 percent growth rate as consumers take a harder look at what they’re buying and using every day. 

Clean and natural tells you one thing, but Vegan adds an additional layer of assurance that the product purchased meets your ethical and quality expectations. More than ever, consumers are hyper-aware of what’s in their cosmetic products, and they’ll be looking for those that do not include any animal-derived ingredients. Brands that can take this a step further and ensure their products are not only Vegan, but cruelty-free, will have a better chance at capturing the heart of consumers.  


cosmetics themes - alcohol-free

While consumers will have an eye out for what’s in their favorite products, they’ll also be keenly aware of what’s not in them. Our team predicts this will heavily impact the Alcohol-Free theme, contributing to a predicted 252.17 percent growth potential. 

Just like a night out on the town rarely does your body any good, neither do cosmetic products including alcohols. Products containing alcohols like ethyl alcohol and alcohol denat are great at thinning out thick products like sunscreen, but they tend to leave the skin dry and irritated. By drying and damaging your skin barrier, they allow other products like moisturizers to better penetrate the skin. It’s kind of a backhanded benefit that consumers will no longer put up with. Why use a product that automatically requires you to use others?

Instead, consumers will look for cosmetics products that explicitly state they’re Alcohol-Free like this Saie moisturizing sunscreen. Alcohol-Free products will help consumers simplify their daily routine and get skin that stays fresh, hydrated, and clear throughout the day. 


cosmetics themes - sustainability

Sustainable products will hold strong in 2022, with only a 2.17 percent predicted growth rate. While the theme isn’t expected to grow at nearly the rate as others on our list, it will continue to strongly influence consumer purchasing decisions. Consumers not only need products that meet their beauty needs, but they’re also looking for brands that align with their core values and prioritize the planet. 

People will spend more time researching products to have a better understanding of what exactly they’re purchasing and whether or not the product is sustainably sourced. In many cases, consumers will go a level deeper to ensure that the brand itself follows ethical eco-friendly practices in manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution of products. 

Check out our blog on 2022 Luxury Cosmetics Ingredient Trends where we dive deeper into the types of eco-friendly and sustainability focused ingredients that consumers are looking for.

Our Advice for 2022 

The worldwide shutdowns over the last 18 months allowed consumers to deeply research what types of products should be added or removed from their skincare and beauty routines. Manufacturers that still make products with alcohol, talcum powder, and any other ingredient that can be seen as harmful or unsustainable are going to fall behind the competition. On the other hand, brands that recognize emerging themes and trends, like the ones discussed in this blog, should be able to stand out from the crowd and continue to be seen in a favorable light by their customer base.

For more insights on luxury cosmetics trends, check out our recent webinar here. If you’re ready to see Simporter AI in action and learn what it can do for you, request a demo on our website.

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