2022 Luxury Foundation Forms. How Fenty Beauty, Rare Beauty, and Kylie Cosmetics Foundation Lines Promote inclusivity and convenience

2022 Luxury Foundation Forms. How Fenty Beauty, Rare Beauty, and Kylie Cosmetics Foundation Lines Promote inclusivity and convenience

Forbes recently released an article on how critical diversity and inclusivity are in the beauty industry. As these topics dominate consumer conversations, luxury cosmetics brands must cater to all races, genders, and skin types.

When used right, foundations can look and feel like a second skin — they’re a critical component of any luxury cosmetic product lineup. Brands should take after Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, and Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics and leverage foundations as a platform for inclusivity and convenience.  

Using our White Space AI tool, the team here at Simporter analyzed 8 Forms to predict which consumers will be talking about and buying in 2022. Our software analyzes social media mentions, consumer sentiment patterns, and search traffic to make highly accurate trend predictions. Data insights like these have proven helpful to any business looking to get ahead of the curve.

Form Trends and Predictions

The graphic below breaks down the 8 Forms we believe possess the highest and lowest potential for growth in 2022. Foundation opportunity scores are determined by looking at both share of voice (a leading indicator of market share) and year-over-year growth rate.

Let’s dive in. 


foundation - powders

Powder foundations are great for applying at home and on the go, which we predict will help this form grow 48.86 percent next year. These pore-friendly foundations have a hefty 36.81 percent share of voice — more than all other forms combined. They’re kind to all skin types but particularly beneficial to those with combination or oily or dull skin, so Powders are well-positioned to be popular for younger consumers. Consumers will also love how Powder foundations can stand alone, making them a perfect fit for a consolidated beauty routine. 


foundation - spray

Spray foundations are set to have a stellar 2022 performance, predicted to grow 142.17 percent. Holding 3.64 percent share of voice, this form lasts all day and is more water-resistant than other forms. Because it holds all day, consumers will look for Spray Foundations like this one from Dior that feels light but provide flawless, full coverage and doesn’t require reapplication.

As people attend weddings, birthdays, and other special events for the first time in nearly two years, Spray foundations will look great in photos (Say Cheese!).  


foundation - creams

Cream foundations have great potential for 2022, holding a 33.57 percent growth potential. Creams Own a decent 13.86 percent share of voice, so products such as Clé de Peau Beauté’s Radiant Cream Foundation are being talked about, used, and are expected to perform even better next year.

Consumers with dry skin will love Cream foundations because they add a little shine to the skin. Cream foundations offer more coverage than Powder and Liquid forms, providing medium to heavy coverage, helping the skin look softer and smoother.  

We predicted positive growth for Creams in 2022. Check out our blog here to learn more. 


foundation - liquids

Consumers with mature or dry skin will gravitate towards Liquid foundations because they don’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles like Powder Foundation. We predict that consumers will be talking about Liquid form foundations more in 2022, so we anticipate a 20.50 percent growth rate to go hand-in-hand with their noteworthy 13.74 percent share of voice.

Consumers will love products like Selena Gomez’s Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation that combines the weightlessness of a serum with medium coverage for breathable wear. 


foundation - stick

Stick foundations are convenient and easy to take on the go, which we predict will help this form grow 15.33 percent in 2022 despite its modest 4.96 percent share of voice. Consumers with active lifestyles will love this form because they can cut out the blending without sacrificing coverage. Because consumers won’t need to apply concealer afterward, Stick foundations are bound to rise in popularity. 


foundation - oils

For the first time in this blog, we’ll address a Form that we predict will struggle to maintain its 4.69 percent market share in 2022. The team here at Simporter predicts Oil foundations will have a tough road ahead next year, with a negative 21.74 percent growth potential.

While ideal for those with dry skin, Oil foundations like this one sold at Sephora are heavy and tend to feel greasy. The last thing consumers want is to feel greasy, so they’ll opt for lighter forms like Powders, Sprays, and Sticks. 


foundation - lotions

Consumers have loved Lotion foundations for years, but people won’t be talking about them as much in 2022. With a predicted negative 33.54 growth potential, Lotion foundations will struggle to compete as consumers prefer other, more convenient forms. 

While Lotion foundations like Lancôme’s Skin Feels Good Hydrating Skin Tint create a strong, buildable base, they often require multiple coats or reapplications — something consumers simply won’t have time for next year. People will want foundations that are quick, easy, and lasts all day. 


foundation - serums

Serums sit at the bottom of our list with the lowest potential for growth next year (-47.83 percent). This form’s impressive 36.81 percent share of voice won’t be enough to stop it from declining in popularity. While serums can be the key to no-makeup makeup looks, consumers simply won’t be talking about in this form as they have in prior years. 

We recently predicted Serums will have a hard time competing in 2022 because they don’t check consumer “must-have” boxes. Click here to learn more.

Building a Solid Foundation for 2022

To get ahead in 2022, luxury cosmetics brands should hone in on foundations, a beauty routine staple. Make sure your foundation product lineup celebrates inclusivity and offers convenience. Consumers don’t want to spend as much time and money as they did during the pandemic, so catering to this need with forms like Powders, Sprays, Creams, Liquids, and Sticks will go a long way.  

For more insights on luxury cosmetics trends, check out our recent webinar here. If you’re ready to see Simporter AI in action and learn what it can do for you, request a demo on our website.

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