How Shiny Wins but Matte Falls Flat: 2022 Luxury Foundation Finishes Trends and Predictions

How Shiny Wins but Matte Falls Flat: 2022 Luxury Foundation Finishes Trends and Predictions

Consumers want to cover up skin imperfections, but they don’t want everyone to know they spent time hiding their flaws. Rather than using tons of various products to accomplish one particular look or feel, consumers benefit from one-stop-shop types of products that deliver a significant impact with minimal time or effort. The luxury cosmetics industry is making this easier than ever for consumers these days. Enter: Foundation. 

According to a recent study, over 100 million women in just the United States alone reported using Foundation or concealer in 2020. That’s barely scratching the surface when you consider other consumer categories, genders, and countries. Basically, Foundation is a big deal, and your brand needs to pay attention to relevant trends if you want to stay ahead.

Foundation does exactly what it sounds like it will do — it provides a foundation for the rest of your beauty look. Some even wear it on its own to cover up breakouts and bumps for a flawless natural look. Without foundation, you’re stuck with layering numerous concealers, primers, or powders to achieve the same look. 

The team here at Simporter used our White Space AI tool to analyze 2 luxury foundation colors to forecast what will be trending in 2022. We anticipate that Foundations will perform well in 2022, so check out the insights we’ve gathered below. For additional insights into Winners vs. Losers, take a look at our blog on Natural vs. Organic Luxury Cosmetic Products.

Matte and shiny showdown

The graphic below breaks down the 2 foundation finishes we believe possess either positive or negative potential for growth in 2022. Foundation Need State opportunity scores are determined by looking at both share of voice (a leading indicator of market share) and year-over-year growth rate.

Let’s dive into how these two finished will perform in 2022. 


foundation - shiny

Shiny will have a moment in 2022, and our team predicts this foundation finish will grow 27.17 percent next year. Shiny foundations give wearers that perfect natural glow. Often lighter in texture, Shiny foundations reflect light and give off the slightest shine in nearly any light. Shiny foundations are a one-way ticket to a radiant and youthful glow. 

Available in various weights from sheer to medium luminosity, Shiny foundations are hydrating and long-lasting, so no need to worry about built-up cakey-ness.  

Gen Z is on a path to assume the majority of consumer buying power in 2022, so it’s fair to expect consumer preferences to shift to those that serve younger shoppers. This generation is all about minimalist no-makeup, makeup looks, so they’ll be grabbing Shiny foundations to help them get there. 

Plus, with the evergrowing hype of TikTok and Instagram, Influencers and beauty thought leaders like James Charles, Abby Roberts, and Mari Maria need that perfect touch of glow to stand out among the crowd. 


foundation - matte

On the other hand, while Shiny continues to win, we believe Matte Foundations will fall flat next year and are set to have a pretty lackluster 2022. Our team predicts this foundation finish holds a negative 6.80 percent growth potential for the new year. While this finish certainly isn’t going away anytime soon, consumers will be more interested in Shiny foundations over matte products.

Initially peaking in the 90s, Matte foundations have been a fan-favorite for a few decades. Matte foundations help consumers achieve a flawless finish, they’re great for all-day wear, and they help the skin appear less oily. 

Rihanna’s Pro Filt’r Matte Foundation changed the foundation game and broke luxury cosmetic boundaries by offering one of the widest ranges of colors on the market. It’s given wearers of all skin tones and genders the flexibility to find the perfect shade for their skin and fall in love with the power of matte foundations. The foundation’s oil-free formula is resistant to sweat and works with any skin tone in any environment. 

Celebrities like Emily Blunt, Michelle Yeo, and Zoey Deutch have praised Dior’s Forever Matte Foundation. This hydrating matte foundation contains antioxidants extracts from wild pansy and rose. The SPF packs an additional layer of protection and gives wearers a subtle glow, especially when they catch the sunlight just right. 

Gen Z holding significant buying power means that products that help younger consumers achieve flawless, natural everyday looks will be all the rage. While Matte foundations are an excellent solution for oily skin, they might not make sense for the average consumer. Brands should focus on foundations that feel light and address a wide variety of skin types and needs, not just when consumers feel oily or sweaty. 

A strong foundation for 2022

When it comes to foundations, brands should incorporate Shiny finished into their product lineup to meet the needs of a younger consumer base. With consumers adjusting to pre-pandemic routines and adopting more active lifestyles, easy-to-use foundations that appear natural will win in 2022. 

For more insights on luxury cosmetics trends, check out our recent webinar here. If you’re ready to see Simporter AI in action and learn what it can do for you, request a demo on our website.

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