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2022 Functional Beverage Trends: Leading Categories in Functional Beverages


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2022 Functional Beverage Trends: Leading Categories in Functional Beverages

This is Part 2 of our Functional Beverage mini-series.


The functional beverage market enters new areas on a frequent basis as it gradually expands its reach across the entire beverage category. Brands actively try to satisfy consumer expectations by promoting health benefit claims in their beverage products. Over the past year, data shows that a record amount of new product categories are providing functional benefits for consumers.

Coffee has established itself as the fastest growing category in the functional beverage space. Consumers are mentioning coffee-related health benefit claims 31 percent more often than one year ago, which is a large amount of growth in consumer interest.


Functional Benefits Go Beyond Caffeine


The beverage that dates back to 850 AD will soon experience an innovation revolution, with a wide array of opportunities for established and emerging coffee brands to grasp ahold of. Today, brands are promoting health benefits from coffee such as Four Sigmatic’s Arabica beans with Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushroom powder, which is claimed to reduce brain fog and increase mental clarity.


High Innovation Potential for Physiological Benefits


Beyond brain-boosting benefits, however, brands are innovating in the gut-health space with coffee. By including probiotics in their coffee blend, VitaCup claims to boost energy and improve digestive health.

Similarly, coffee brands are beginning to introduce bean blends that are rich in antioxidants. With antioxidants like CGA, companies like Clean Coffee Co are assisting consumers who worry about the toxic effects of coffee on their bodies, as well as potential immunity concerns.

For more information about the different categories of functional beverages or opportunities inside the coffee space, you can request a demo on our homepage. If you want to view our May 2021 webinar’s discussion on functional beverages, you can view the video here.

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